It may be a small world; technology shrinks borders every moment, but business is now on a global scale, and that means reaching more people, faster and more effectively than ever before. It also means that your sales force needs to be up to date, all the time, to be able to compete in ever-expanding markets. This is no longer only true for the largest corporations, but for every business, specifically those involved in the technology sector. You want your sales reps to be up to date on the latest products and developments, you want to ensure that they get the latest information in training modules that work for them, are user friendly and easily accessible.

Global Sales Force – Train Online

Managing a globally dispersed sales force has many challenges, but training shouldn’t be one of them. Knowing that there are regional, local and time differences, it is of the utmost importance to create training solutions that are accessible to all and empower everyone. We take a look at virtual training as an ideal method for sustaining a globalized sales force.

5 Tips For Choosing Online Training for Your Sales Team


Train Virtually

Virtual Learning Management Systems (referred to as LMS) provide a global training solution by eliminating time-zone issues, allowing geographically dispersed workforce to train when they want and where they want to.


Use a Multilingual LMS

Your virtual LMS should train employees in their own language. Don’t adopt a LMS only to find out that the only language available is English.


Provide Relevant Rewards

In the case of optional training, rewards for participation should be culturally and personally meaningful.


Provide around-the-Clock Support

Support that is available 24/7 ensures that employees don’t spend valuable time trying to resolve an issue on their own.


Train Globally, Think Locally

Make sure your training includes content that is suitable for the local audience and is proofed by someone who is familiar with the language and the culture.


Our team at TechScholar has a proven record of delivering high quality, product specific training for teams of geographically dispersed sales reps. Our product sales training is designed to fast-track learning, reduce training costs, and deliver verified, measurable results.

We’d be delighted to take you on a tour of a demo online campus, and show you exactly how your global sales force can be on the same page and up to date, no matter where in the world they are based.