Who We Help

TechScholar clients include a broad list of global category leaders. Marketing, sales and channel managers easily train their geographically dispersed sales teams.

Our Clients

Marketing Managers:

TechScholar enables marketing managers to be confident that their products’ messaging is being delivered consistently, in every situation, for every representative. Our reporting helps marketing managers identify key content and resources most valuable to reps so they can focus on closing deals and you can focus on growing your customer base.

Sales Managers:

TechScholar helps Sales Managers shorten sales cycles and keep their sales force current on the latest messaging, product launches and updates. We are there every step the way to help new reps up to speed, fast.

Channel Managers:

TechScholar knows that channel partners are difficult to reach, especially with so many vendors vying for their attention. We help you sort through the clutter and gain peace of mind that your channel reps are up to speed on your products.

TechScholar has developed and administered customized training for companies like Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Canon, 3M and more. We have worked with global industry leaders such as Staples, Fujifilm USA, Brother International, Imation, and Manfrotto International.
The reason they’ve all chosen TechScholar is our ability to provide high quality, custom Product Training Modules delivered on a flexible, feature-rich sales focused cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).

TechScholar understands the marketing, distribution, and sales challenges faced by medium to large businesses. More importantly, we know how sales reps and their managers think, work, and the kind of information they need to succeed.

From that foundation we deliver high-quality training on complex products to globally dispersed internal and external sales teams; teams that demand and require timely, accurate, and actionable product selling information to respond to the challenges of a competitive market.