Sales Success Stories

We teach reps to reps to sell YOUR products. Read how TechScholar Product Sales Training boosted these reps’ selling power.

Sales Success Story:

How a TechScholar Product Training Module Helped a Sales Rep Close a Government Printer Deal

“TechScholar is focused on sharing what we need to know to close the deal. If you’re looking for information on Brother products, TechScholar is the place to go.”

Sales Success Story

TechScholar Helps Sales Analyst Set the Print Standard for a Client

“If I hadn’t taken the PTMs, I wouldn’t know as much about what to look for
or what questions to ask.”

Sales Success Story

How TechScholar “Insured” Success for One Sales Analyst and His Customer

“The PTMs are really helpful; they’re fairly short and bite-sized. I can complete one in 15 to 20 minutes, and they’re geared toward the true sales professional. I’ve found the information has always been relevant when sales reps want to have a more engaging conversation with a prospect.”

Sales Success Story

TechScholar Helped a Sales Rep Transform a Police Department’s Evidence Tracking

“TechScholar focuses on helping sales reps learn about their target customer’s profile and the benefits and ROI for clients.”