Good Reps Know How To Sell

But do they know how to sell your products?
They will, when they complete Product Sales Training from TechScholar.

Training… with Benefits

Optional gift cards, electronically delivered, reward your reps for learning to sell your products.

TechScholar Product Sales Training Builds Sales

Data shows that TechScholar trained reps can increase sales by up to 30%.

Proven Compliance & Engagement

We track everything, and report it to you. You’ll know your best trained reps.

TechScholar Product Sales Training Available 24/7

41% of TechScholar reps complete training on their own time.

The TechScholar Product Sales Training Solution

Create A Customized, Branded Product Sales Training Solution

A TechScholar Campus is the single destination for sales reps to find everything they need from PTMs to all the downloadable sales collateral that help sell your products.

We write and produce all PTMs, host all your collateral marketing content and track when sales reps use it. You can make your campus “open” to anyone, or close it with a controlled whitelist access.


Get Started

TechScholar Deliverables

Sales reps tell us: “Don’t tell me everything – Just tell me what I need to know”

We create Product Training Modules (PTMs); they take less than 25 minutes to complete, include KVP’s, features/benefits, selling opportunities and conversation starters; sales reps love them.

Branded Campus Solutions

Select the right TechScholar Campus.

Manufacturers: Train dealers, distributors, and manufacturer reps anywhere, anytime.

Dealers/Distributors: Train sales reps on any product in the mix, usually with MDF support.


Client Profiles

We drive sales.

Executives responsible for top line sales are our valued clients. Principals, VP’s Marketing/Sales, Channel and Product Managers are all clients because TechScholar programs build sales.



Targeted Training

Train all these segments on one single, consistent and familiar platform (Campus) and show the right training to the right audience, all the time.

Inside Sales Teams, Outside Reps, Onboarding, Vertical Markets, Channel Sales, Independent Dealers, VAR/SI, any segment can be trained.




Reporting & Analytics

It’s invaluable. We track on every facet of TechScholar engagement: completed Product Training Modules (PTMs), quiz scores, downloaded collateral resources, time on-site, everything.

You get meaningful reports showing the most engaged organizations and specific reps; actionable information that let’s your team focus on managing and growing sales with the most valuable well-trained and successful reps.

About Us

With Staples as our launch partner, TechScholar started by training 120 Enterprise level sales reps in 2008. We now have over 3,000 registered users on our campuses. Our team has over 90 years of combined marketing, promotion and training industry experience.

We’ve powered dozens of branded campuses and created PTMs for diverse categories like food colorants, laser printers, data center services, even Purell hand sanitizers.

With hundreds of participating dealer companies, over 3,000 active sales rep users and 22,000 hours + of sales rep training, TechScholar is the recognized leader for Product Sales Training.


TechScholar Client Testimonials

We’ve seen excellent results from the TechScholar PTMs. You did an outstanding job in explaining our products to the sales reps, and were extremely helpful to me in achieving maximum benefit from your reports.

IPG Partner

Business Manager, Hewlett Packard

We needed our sales force brought up to speed quickly, and we needed to keep our training costs under control. With TechScholar, we trained more people, more effectively, at lower cost, and in less time than we’ve ever done before.

Director of Marketing, Unger-Global

TechScholar had a positive impact on our business, by improving our closure rate of new accounts. The TechScholar PTM program helped us present clear and consistent training to our reseller partners, allowing reseller reps to feel more comfortable with Fujfilm products.

VP of Marketing, Fujifilm

With TechScholar, training my sales force took me two and a half hours of work compared to three days if I had to do it myself.

Infrastructure Products Sales Manager, Blackbox Network Services

TechScholar in 1 Minute