TechScholar Solutions

TechScholar creates a branded customized Campus for each client.

What kind of client are you? Manufacturer or Distributor/Dealer?


Features Available on Every TechScholar Campus

A TechScholar Campus is the best resource for sales rep onboarding and Product Sales Training updates for existing reps. Plus, all your sales collateral is downloadable from the Resource Center.


Secure Access

  • Registration is required to access any campus and includes email address and password creation.

  • Three levels of campus security are available.*

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  • Open: Anyone with the campus URL can access the campus, register and view its content.

  • Whitelist: Users with a whitelisted company email domain can register and view content.
  • Closed: Every user is pre-registered and issued a temporary password before campus access is granted.

*Customized programming services for campus access are available if required.

Channel Segmentation

  • We segment your sales teams based on who they are and how they sell.

  • Channel segmentation based on user profile, or for specific promotions.

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Direct Marketing Reps, Independent Reps, Dealer Reps, In-House Sales Reps, VAR/SI Reps are all different and can receive customized PTMs, channel specific mailings, promotions, and of course specialized PTMs.

Incentive Programs

  • Our optional incentive programs are very effective and we handle every facet .

  • Our E-Gift Card incentive program is flexible, easy to use, and secure against fraud.
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  • Complete  audit trail of your award spend

  • Promotion strategies include PTM launches, onboarding, product sales tie-ins, campus registration incentives.

  • Promotion awards are all distributed on one day, Award Distribution Day, which is heavily promoted and delivers a significant “bang per buck” for the promotion. Clients “touch” their target audience in a meaningful way on one single day.


Compliance & Comprehension

  • We verify compliance and test comprehension in one easy step, with a five question quiz drawn from the content of the PTM. 

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  • On the first completion of the PTM quiz the user record is updated to show the PTM completion and training compliance. If an incentive is offered, that’s also recorded.

  • Comprehension is tested based on the quiz. Five multiple choice questions are randomly pulled from a group of 12 – 15 quiz questions. To “pass” a user is generally required to score 70 points.

Detailed Reporting

  • Training and promotion awards are meaningless without detailed and actionable reporting that translates into selling. 

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  • We have standard reports for PTM completions, quiz scores, collateral material downloads and more. Our reporting shows you the most engaged sales reps and helps you target the high performers for specialized support, along with those who need more attention.
  •  Standard reporting is Excel based and delivered with sortable data for easy internal analysis.


Advanced Analysis

  • We also support customized data visualization reporting (Tableau) which is available as an option and pending requirements.  

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  • Business Intelligence visualizations

Manufacturer/Enterprise Campus Features

Train distributors, dealers and manufacturer reps anywhere, anytime.


  • A Manufacturer Campus is open and available to authorized distributors and contains the manufacturers PTMs. Access to the site is provided through a secure login.

  • Manufacturers have the option to provide direct incentives to sales reps to complete the PTMs, or TechScholar can develop a customized training promotion. Performance and compliance reports are available throughout the promotion cycle.


Distributor/Reseller Campus Features

Train sales reps on any product in the mix, usually with MDF support:


  • A Re-seller Campus is open to the sales reps of a single distributor and may contain Product Training Modules (PTMs) from many manufacturers.

  • Access to the site is provided through a secure login unique to the distributor.
  • TechScholar knows that channel partners are difficult to reach, especially with so many vendors vying for their attention. We help you sort through the clutter and gain peace of mind that your channel reps are up to speed on your products.