sales-trainingSimplistically speaking ‘Sales Training’ focuses on teaching the fundamental skills and methods for engaging with customers to achieve the positive outcome of closing the sale.  A good example is how to structure an open-ended question to avoid a conversation closing with “No” as the answer.


Product Sales Training is completely different; it focuses on understanding a specific product, its features/benefits, key value propositions and how they relate to a customer solution. It also helps identify who in an organization should be approached for a sales presentation, and how to present the specific product to achieve the positive outcome, closing the sale.


Partners, sales reps and customers all require a deep awareness of an organization’s evolving role in the marketplace in order to be successful.

Online LMS for Product Sales Training

online-trainingCloud based and customized Product Training Modules teach partners, customers and sales reps about the products they need to present and sell. Concise, consistently formatted, and easily understood Product Training Modules (PTMs) are designed to give them the edge they need to provide their clients with appropriate solutions and close more sales. PTMs are available 24/7 which allows reps to complete valuable training without cutting into selling time.

Particularly in the competitive technology sector, where markets and products are developing so fast, the most skilled (and therefore successful) sales reps need very specific and timely product information. This information positions them as solution-providers and gives them an edge in presenting and closing the sale go to the website. Often the products they’re selling don’t “close” with one customer contact which is why our platform is so valuable to reps. In addition to the product training, we’re a “one stop click” to find, download, and present all the specific sales collateral they may need to support the selling process.
Product sales training is particularly important and effective for announcing product launches, providing product updates, technological advances, and onboarding new hires. Consistent and reliable product sales training keeps reps confident and motivated when presenting and selling these new technologies and products.

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