Does your Pharma rep training close sales? In today’s business environment, Pharmaceutical representatives are faced with increased pressure in the marketplace due to a changing business environment with increased competition from other companies and brands. This ever changing market means they need to respond quicker, adapt faster and be smarter, sooner. If an enterprise has less than five years left on a patent, it’s not cost effective for them to spend 20 percent of that time getting a new rep up to speed.


It is critical to provide effective training for pharma sales reps with up-to-date product knowledge, education and market insights. Additionally, leveraging the expertise of top performers isn’t just valuable—it’s imperative. Access to timely interactive communication, reference “libraries” and shared knowledge base is imperative and a cloud based customized portal could be the answer.
This new breed of learning portals is making a dramatic impact on sales organizations across all industries. They bring together advanced technologies, proven and customized learning methodologies and informal learning principles to facilitate high-impact, on-demand learning. It is “informal learning” at its best.

New Ways to Impact Rep Performance

Learning portals link to relevant training or learning materials including PDF’s, training videos, web sites, courses, infographics, and interactive learning platforms. The main page of the learning portal (often called the training menu or learner dashboard) may also display a list of required courses, recommended courses, upcoming events, resource libraries, job aids or discussion boards. Search functionality within the portal, rating systems, and social networking features are also available in some learning portals.

Product Training Online – Best Practice

Content within the eLearning portal can either be general OR customized for the individual learner and the product he or she is selling. Content, tailored for the individual learner, is based on the learner’s profession, role within an organization, department, or membership level, CE requirements as well as professional/personal goals. In cases where the portal is populated with custom content for the learner, administrators use the portal’s learning management system (LMS) to assign the most valuable and appropriate courses to the learner based on those roles and goals.
The premise of a true learning portal is to bring together the formal learning (training) and all of the relevant, and incredibly valuable, informal learning into a dynamic, unified interface. A key characteristic of a learning portal is the dynamic capabilities and user-based (role-based) design.
A good learning portal makes learning easier and faster by dynamically providing users only with resources relevant to them, based on their attributes or characteristics. If a sales rep is responsible for selling drugs A and B in territory X, the learning portal will focus on learning and knowledge resources related to drugs A and B, and territory X. In fact, the learning portal can take this even further by providing content based on the person’s learning style, travel schedule and level of experience.

TechScholar Product Training

TechScholar product training can be tailored to your company requirements. A TechScholar branded online campus provides exceptional product sales training for all your reps. Contact TechScholar today if you would like to set up a time to view a demo online campus and discuss how our online training solutions can help your sales results.

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