Ongoing advances in the eLearning industry now offer an accessible and beneficial way for healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments in diagnoses, treatments, medical products and pharmaceuticals without losing valuable time by sitting in a classroom.


Rapid advances at all levels of the healthcare industry mean that healthcare professionals require sophisticated training on an ongoing basis. Product and technology training and training on new treatments, techniques and methodologies need to be provided for professionals using eLearning that is easily accessed, consistent, and 100% accurate.

The Benefits of eLearning in the Healthcare industry.

It Can Happen Anywhere…

Some of the reasons healthcare professionals don’t get the continuing education they need, is due to difficulty of access, long hours and unpredictable schedule. This often means that attending classes may not be doable or practical.
Using the latest cloud based eLearning software and portals, healthcare professionals can study in the office, at home, or even while commuting. eLearning is mobile, which means it can be accessed with a laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

More Effective than Traditional Learning…

Many people are skeptical about eLearning because it allows people to learn from wherever they want. This makes it seem too easy, or that there isn’t as much information being delivered. Additionally, some people believe eLearning takes away from some of the discussion benefits often gained in a classroom setting. A report commissioned by the World Health Organization finds that eLearning for healthcare professionals is equal to or more effective than traditional learning environments. Videos, audio, text, worksheets, and even discussion boards for users to share ideas, and can take the place of student interactions in a classroom setting.

More Cost Effective than Traditional Training Methods.

Traditional learning and training is expensive, time consuming and often not as effective as ongoing eLearning programs. Cost-cutting, while necessary should not come at the cost of the quality or quantity of training. eLearning is not only significantly less expensive than traditional training, it has actually been shown to be more effective. It provides consistent, accurate information, in a timely way, while minimizing lost time and productivity from valuable healthcare staff and professionals, allowing them to spend more time on patient care.

An eLearning Portal Becomes a Resource Center


The latest, cloud based eLearning systems provide a database for healthcare professionals to turn to when they have questions. Users have easy, round the clock access to the needed information from the healthcare field, specialists, and their own company. The eLearning library and resources can be updated quickly and can be utilized to pro-actively reach out to users with important updates, information or news.

For All Types of Learners.

eLearning systems are able to deliver materials through videos, images, audio files, and text thereby helping all different learning styles. With eLearning, users can learn at their own pace, using the methodology that works best for them. This can be a great help to the healthcare industry because learners need to be certain they are absorbing the information provided in training. If not, they increase the risk of not properly caring for patients because of the lack of accurate information.

TechScholar Product Training for Healthcare Professionals

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