It’s simple really… We listen to reps and develop training that helps them make more sales. Unless you have training that actively targets reps with information that they need to make a sale, you’re not doing it right. Training that is ‘rep focussed’, needs to take into account what information reps need to present, what information they need to close a sale and that information needs to be readily available and easily accessed anywhere, and at any time.

IronKey Product Training by TechScholar

We surveyed over 400 reps after they completed IronKey product training on the TechScholar training campus. While we were thrilled that 99% of respondents rated the campus highly (ease of access and use), we were even more excited to see what time of day the reps completed the training and how long it took them to complete. This information provides us with data that is used to develop training that is effective, efficient and shows results.

When did you complete the PTM (Product Training Module)?

59% completed the training on their own time, confirming the fact that most reps dislike training that cuts into selling time.


How much time did you spend completing the PTM?

84% of reps surveyed completed the PTM in under 35 minutes. This is in stark contrast to the ‘all-day’, classroom style of training that used to take reps away from their territories and their selling time look what i found.


The IronKey campus provides ongoing education for reps, resellers, and distributor reps by having all the information that they require available online 24/7. Take a look at our Case Study on the specific challenges and requirements of the IronKey training and how we were able to meet them.
If you’d like to talk to TechScholar about setting up a product sales training campus for your business, give us a call on 914.533.6313 or contact us here to view a demo campus.