We are all aware of the importance of using questions in business meetings and focus groups to gather data, but we also can use them as valuable tools in the context of sales and product training. Probing questions give trainees the opportunity to delve into the subject matter and deepen their comprehension of the key concepts and ideas.

Types of Questions Most Commonly Used in Training


A clarification question requires a simple fact-based response. Its sole purpose is to clarify whether the learner understands the concept, and if they need more information in order to fully comprehend the subject matter.


A recommendation probing question involves a certain degree of persuasion. You are trying to point the learner’s response in a specific direction. An example of a recommendation question would be: “Do you think that a different tool would have worked better?”


An example question is ideally suited for responses that may be vague or confusing. For example, if a learner provides an answer that does not contain enough detail, you can ask “Can you give me a specific example?” Their answer will give you a clear indication of whether or not they actually comprehend the subject matter.


Extension is a variation of the example question. In the case of extension questions, learners are encouraged to elaborate on a response by providing supporting evidence, or a reason why, they gave the original answer. “Can you tell me why you think the process is flawed?” is an example of an extension question.
Questions and quizzes are excellent indicators of the overall success of the training and the retention and comprehension of the material by the learner. Is it possible to leverage questions in online training and eLearning programs to ensure the same levels of understanding by learners?
In the next TechScholar blog we will be discussing how questions can be utilized online to measure the effectiveness of the training and evaluate learner comprehension and retention.
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