Client – Print Solutions Provider

TechScholar provides re-seller product training for this global, category leading, solutions provider specializing in printing, scanning, and document management technologies. The company’s hardware and customized software provides solutions for the changing print workflow requirements of SMBs and enterprises in verticals including healthcare, government, education, financial services, and more.

Training Challenge

Without a direct sales force of its own, our client needed to train a diverse, geographically dispersed network of reseller sales reps; reps with varying levels of experience and expertise. TechScholar makes it simple for the company to produce, distribute, promote, and measure product sales training and individual user performance. We launched a branded online campus, which is continually promoted to independent sales teams around the world. In addition, the campus tracks and provides SPIFF awards to qualified reseller sales reps who complete selected Product Training Modules (PTMs).

Target Sales Rep Profile

Targeted sale reps ranged from highly-skilled systems integrators and VARS, to entry-level telemarketing reps at major office technology resellers.

TechScholar Results

  • Exceptional user satisfaction rating. Using a five star rating system, sales reps consistently rank TechScholar training at 4.5+.
  • In the first 90 days of availability the branded campus tracked over 2,340 sales reps creating personal accounts, from over 200 participating dealers. Registered reps completed over 800 hours of verifiable training.
  • The campus launched with two comprehensive Product Training Modules (approximately 25 web pages each) and three additional modules were published within 60 days of campus creation. TechScholar continues to publish PTMs on new products and manages the promotion of new training and incentive programs.

Customized Campus Features

  • A timely, customized SPIFF incentive program, featuring digital gift cards is provided to participants via email.
  • Customized, professionally-written training modules cover both sales strategies and key value props for individual products.
  • An online library provides reps easy access to sales collateral, multimedia presentations, and technical information.
  • Detailed reporting is provided on training completion and performance (segmented by reseller companies and user groups) including audit trail reports for SPIFF incentive awards.