Client – National Office Technology Sales

This select division of a nationally recognized office products/technology re-seller requires monthly training and re-training on hundreds of technology products and services sold exclusively to enterprise level customers with a profile of 750 white collar seats or more. In addition, the divisions’ sales reps are also the front-line technology specialists supporting other direct sales teams.

Training Challenge

Train the geographically dispersed sales force, which offers the widest selection of technology products in the industry. Provide regular updates as products change, and work around the sales team’s demanding schedule of travel and meetings.

Target Sales Rep Profile

This is a professional sales force of high achieving, highly motivated, competitive sales reps who are regularly challenged by demanding customers, significant quotas. Their preferred time allocation is to selling vs anything else.

TechScholar Solutions

    • Over 120 professionally-written Product Training Modules (PTMs) produced at a rate of two per month.
    • PTMs cover mission critical products and services from key suppliers like HP, Brother, and Lexmark created in direct collaboration with suppliers.
    • Additional PTMs are created for key service sectors; data center management, networking, remote services and data security, vertical market specialty services.
    • Client branded, online TechScholar Campus that centralizes all key product training, tracks utilization and engagement, and provides comprehensive compliance and comprehension reporting to regional and national sales management.

TechScholar Results

  • Launched in 2009 this campus has trained over 250 sales reps
  • Over 9,000 hours of verified training completion
  • Over 85% of sales reps complete training with quiz scores of 90% or higher
  • Sales reps consistently rank TechScholar as their preffered product sales training tool, year over year surveys and completion metrics show that 40% of users complete TechScholar PTMs on their own time (early morning, lunch and evenings)
Training-related savings are estimated at hundreds of thousands of dollars for both the client and participating vendors.
Results are evident in the bottom line: Better-trained sales reps close more deals and sell more new products.