Manfrotto Case Study


Manfrotto is an innovative designer and manufacturer of camera and lighting support equipment. The Italian company markets its camera bags, tripods and heads, lighting, and other accessories to the photographic, film, theater, live entertainment, and video verticals around the globe; customers include professionals in each field and pro-am/hobbyist photographers.

Training Challenge

Manfrotto asked TechScholar to deliver compelling product sales training to small, geographically dispersed photo specialty retailers who significantly influence purchases and are often difficult to train personally by Manfrotto’s inside sales reps.

TechScholar Results

  • Reached approximately 150 U.S.-based small retailers who were not getting personal sales calls or visits: these B2C sales reps appreciated the training opportunities and rapidly adopted the TechScholar learning platform, demonstrating high engagement with the material; 95% asked for more and deeper product sales training
  • Encouraged out-of-touch retailers to re-engage with the brand and keep Manfrotto products top of mind for sales opportunities: before the training, 25% of sales reps were either slightly aware or unaware of some of Manfrotto’s new product lines; after the training, more than 90% of these reps said they would be “likely to promote and sell” Manfrotto accessories to customers who were purchasing a camera or other photographic equipment
  • Coordinated timing of training launches with the content of marketing collateral to support planned and ongoing trade promotions, including product giveaways and sales rep SPIFFs
  • Reinforced learning, with retailers achieving an average score of ~90% on post-training quizzes
  • Earned consistent ratings of excellent/very good, as compared to other product sales training, from participating sales reps, who specifically praised TechScholar’s content clarity, ease of understanding, and platform usability

Customized Campus Features

  • Branded online campus with five custom Product Training Modules (PTMs) highlighting key product selling points of Manfrotto equipment and imaging technology solutions
  • Large images of each product SKU, dynamic product videos, and animated GIFs help retailers better understand and describe product features, eliminating the need for on-site sales rep visits and product demonstrations
  • An online resource library, available 24/7, enabling retailers to easily access sales collateral and share technical product information with potential buyers
  • Comprehensive reporting for company management on training completion and quiz scores, including the names and email addresses of sales reps highly engaged with the Manfrotto brand