• Who We Help

    Marketing Managers, Channel Managers, Sales Teams

TechScholar helps B2B sales and marketing managers increase sales with effective, timely and consistent Product Sales Training delivered to geographically dispersed sales teams.


Marketing Managers:

TechScholar enables marketing managers be confident that their products’ messaging is being delivered consistently, in every sales situation for every sales rep.
Our reporting also helps marketing managers identify the content and resources most valuable to reps so they can focus on providing more of what helps reps close more deals.

Sales Managers:

TechScholar helps Sales Managers shorten sales cycles and keep their sales force current on the latest messaging, product launches and updates.
We help onboard and get new reps up to speed fast.

Channel Managers:

TechScholar knows that channel partners are difficult to reach, especially with so many vendors vying for their attention. We help you break through the clutter and buy mindshare of your channel reps, keeping them up to speed on your products.

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