• What TechScholar Clients Are Saying

Here’s What Clients are Saying About TechScholar


“We’ve seen excellent results from the TechScholar PTMs. You did an outstanding job in explaining our products to the sales reps, and were extremely helpful to me in achieving maximum benefit from your reports. Sales managers I’ve spoken with also find the PTMs to be a valuable tool.”  

IPG Partner Business Manager, Hewlett Packard


“We needed our sales force brought up to speed quickly, and we needed to keep our training costs under control. With TechScholar, we trained more people, more effectively, at lower cost, and in less time than we’ve ever done before.” 

Director of Marketing, Unger-Global


“TechScholar had a positive impact on our business, by improving our closure rate of new accounts. The TechScholar PTM program helped us present clear and consistent training to our reseller partners, allowing reseller sales reps to feel more comfortable with Fujifilm products and services. This contributed to sales growth of 15% over plan.” 

VP of Marketing, Fujifilm


With TechScholar, training my sales force took me two and a half hours of work compared to three days if I had to do it myself. 

Infrastructure Products Sales Manager, Blackbox Network Services