TechScholar sales training increases learning, reduces costs, and delivers measurable training results. Our learning environment is:


A Comprehensive Training Solution

As a TechScholar partner you will receive a branded online campus, providing your sales reps with a central location to find training modules, case studies, white papers, sales collateral, and more.
Our turnkey services include the creation of powerful Product Training Modules (PTMs), marketing support, emailed announcements and reminders, customer service, reporting and analytics, and optional incentive programs for your reps.


TechScholar consolidates training costs that are often dispersed across multiple budget lines. Travel expenses, in-person training, lunch and learns, meeting prep time, and even webinar expenses can all be significantly reduced and consolidated into one comprehensive budget.

Convenient for Sales Reps

TechScholar is web-based and available 24/7. This allows sales reps to train on their own schedule without cutting in to valuable selling time. PTMs take 30 minutes or less to complete and are available for repeat or review whenever reps need a refresher.


Training compliance and quiz scores are tracked and regularly reported. Management reports include individual performance and quiz scores, training time, and aggregated metrics for divisions and regions. International reporting includes performance by country.

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