How TechScholar Works

Find out why TechScholar training is right for your company. Watch our video, or contact us to create your demo campus.

Sales reps log-in to TechScholar, where they can access:

 A personal library of Product Training Modules (PTMs) that is available anytime, anywhere – making training more convenient for sales reps.

 A downloadable PTMs Summary with descriptions of all PTMs available in the library.

► One-click access to the PTM Quick Review Library for easy review/download before a sales call.

 PTM Quick Links  for fast access to the most recent training.

 Company-wide standing, which can contribute to both increased participation and improved training results. (optional)

 A dedicated customer service team that responds to inquiries within 24 hours.

Each TechScholar PTM includes four highly effective standard features:
 Recognize the Opportunities provides sales targeting pointers.
 Start the Conversation offers dialog starters specific to your product and target audience.
 Additional Resources provide links to your own collateral and sales support information for more details and technical specs.
► PTM Quick Review is a summary that can be printed out prior to a sales meeting.