TechScholar Product Sales Training is laser-focused on what sales reps need most- the key selling propositions.


Onboard new hires fast

TechScholar develops robust focused training programs to onboard new recruits.

Introduce new products and feature upgrades

Our training quickly and efficiently bring sales reps up to speed when new products are launched, added to an existing line, or new features are introduced on current models.

Explain technology advances and industry trends

Even experienced sales reps need to “go back to school” when significant changes are introduced for the technology they sell. TechScholar Product Training Modules (PTMs) are a fast, convenient, and cost-effective platform to reach sales reps.

Incentivize with timely promotional programs

Have a sales promotion? TechScholar enables you to train and promote in one easy, “quick launch” package.

Reinforce sales techniques, processes, and procedures

With accountability for completion and measurable results, TechScholar PTMs are the ideal way to assure that all reps are familiar with basic sales techniques, company procedures, and sales policies.