About Us

TechScholar, LLC was spun off from Strategic Direct, Inc. in 2008 to address the need for customized, high quality, product specific sales training for teams of geographically dispersed sales reps;

Our product sales training is designed to fast-track learning, reduce training costs, and deliver verified, measurable results. All clients have to do is sign-off: TechScholar manages the entire program.

Our founders’ background in sales strategy, incentive programs, and promotions means that we understand every aspect of distribution and sales, and we know how sales reps—and their managers—think. We have worked in most major categories including retail, consumer packaged goods, technology, distribution, and B2B product sales and services. The professionals in TechScholar’s core team each have more than 15 years experience in their area of expertise.

TechScholar Clients

TechScholar clients include a list of global category leaders including Staples, Fujifilm USA, Brother International, Imation, Manfrotto International, and more.  In addition, TechScholar has developed and administered customized training for companies like Microsoft, HP, Lenovo, Cannon, and 3M.

The reason they’ve all chosen TechScholar is our ability to provide high quality, custom Product Training Modules delivered on a flexible, feature-rich, sales focused cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).

TechScholar understands the marketing, distribution, and sales challenges faced by medium to large businesses. More importantly, we know how sales reps and their managers think, work, and the kind of information they need to succeed.

From that foundation we deliver high-quality training on complex products to globally dispersed internal and external sales teams; teams that demand and require timely, accurate, and actionable product selling information to respond to the challenges of a competitive market.

Online Campus

We partner with clients to create a branded “Campus” and customized product sales training curriculums. The training specifically highlights a product’s or service’s features, benefits, and key value propositions, and includes market information, targeted selling opportunities, and conversation starters.

The campus is hosted on TechScholar’s robust, user-friendly LMS. This customized, cloud-based application requires a personal account to access the training and allows users to self-administer product sales training in their own time zone and at their own pace. A challenging quiz, automatically administered from randomly selected questions, verifies both comprehension and compliance.

Management teams receive detailed reports on sales rep completions, quiz scores, and how each representative rates the training itself. TechScholar Campuses can be segmented to train internal sales reps, manufacturer reps, and dealer/distributor reps with content that’s tailored to each audience.

Using a TechScholar Campus and custom curriculum, sales reps will learn what they need to make the call tomorrow and close the sale within weeks, not months.

TechScholar – Learning is Earning